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Kind and patient staff

I've been here quite a few times. Also with my daughter who wears glasses as well. The staff is always patient and courteous. A few times, my glasses were made incorrectly from one of the labs, not any fault of Park Place's fault. But a Park Place optical staff member caught it before making me drive all the way to Appleton from Oshkosh, to check out my new glasses. They care about quality and of course, nobody is perfect, so I don't blame the lab either. Eventually, things were fixed and everything was made right. I recently just received a brand new pair of glasses this week. Sooner than expected. I tried them on with absolutely no issues. I was thrilled! I love the staff at Park Place Optical. They have always been so kind and patient, even when taking 45 minutes for my daughter to pick out her, "perfect" pair of frames! Totally recommend Park Place Optical. Thank you guys for all you do.

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